Nouveaux modèles de 2019 à venir …

Voici quelques-uns des nouveaux modèles que Moto Guzzi va présenter aux Salons de 2018! Arrêtez-vous à leur stand pour voir leur ligne complète!

V9 Bobber

No-Nonsense Styling

Just like the Bobbers of lore, the V9 Bobber abandons all chrome plating and glossy finishes for matte-black details.   Additionally, the fenders were shortened, contributing to its minimal look. Even with the fatter tires and distinctive design, this bike still provides exceptional riding pleasure and handling, regardless of its sportier riding position and low drag handlebar.

The V9 Bobber is a true Guzzi, and does not trade rideability for beauty. The ground clearance of the Bobber is only 30.3 inches, and if you add to this the exceptionally low curb weight of 438.7 lbs., you can easily imagine its level of comfort, control and rider pleasure.

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California 1400 Touring

Comfort Plus Power

The Moto Guzzi flagship is available in an even more luxurious and better refined version. Comfort is increased without sacrificing any of the performance and rideability that have made the California Touring the point of reference for its segment.

The Touring is a perfect representation of Moto Guzzi's culture and the ability to build unique motorcycles that has been around since 1921: it is the California in its most classic expression, unequalled in terms of style, comfort, performance and reliability. Success driven by a rare quality: knowing how to reconcile the comfort and cargo capacity of a custom bike with the dynamic performance of a powerful cruiser.

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Flying Fortress

We created MGX-21 to make you feel today what others will only experience tomorrow. The torque from the Guzzi Big Block engine shines through. Its 89 ft·lbs (121 Nm) push you forward with relentless grunt at revs which leave others standing. A state-of-the-art electronic management with ride-by-wire throttle, selectable power maps and evolved traction control keep everything in check, letting you bask in the comfort of Cruise Control.

MGX-21 will show you a future you didn’t know, will push you far beyond the city border and enable you to ride to a horizon of your choice, confident in its ability to take you anywhere you wish and carry all you require in the integrated side luggage, alone or with a passenger.  

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V7III Stone

Embracing the Darkness

The V7 III Stone now has a stronger and more personal aesthetic connotation than ever before. Eclectic and essential, it foregoes any chrome parts, embracing the darkness of its matte black paintwork. This bike caters to the riders who don’t crave chrome, while lending itself exceptionally well to customization, allowing you to create your own style.

It arrives with new engine and geometry, with maximum power increased to 52 hp at 6200 rpm, and 44.2 ft/lbs of torque at 4900 rpm – a truly flat torque curve that promise ease of use combined, as always, with that typical character and quick response of a Moto Guzzi engine.

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